The $LEAN Ecosystem team strives to conclude strategic partnerships that will translate into increasing the reach of the project, as well as affect the ability to generate revenue by $LEAN Ecosystem. At this point, $LEAN Ecosystem has partnerships with many entities, some of which have introduced $LEAN as a means of payment ($LEAN adopters).
The role of a strategic partner - $LEAN Alliance - is much wider, because it involves the establishment of deep business cooperation. This chapter summarizes the list of $LEAN Ecosystem’s strategic partners and explains their role and how partnership agreements can translate into benefits for $LEAN Ecosystem.
$LEAN Alliances share their ecosystems with $LEAN Ecosystem, making Leancoin (LEAN) the token of the new ecosystem. Learn more in the section: Cross Ecosystems.
Project S
Project S is a digital project containing tokenized start-up projects concerning software, metaverse, cloud computing, and biotechnology. Project S provides its community with a business application where it is possible, among other things, to mine "S" Token. Within Project S, the Metaverse is being created.
The partnership between S and projects derived from $LEAN Ecosystem will be the mutual promotion of projects. In the future, the $LEAN will be used as a payment method in the "S ecosystem". As part of the cooperation, the Lean Global Consulting team supports Project S in the development of the S ecosystem - project Wallderm.
Project S is 90% completed and its launch is scheduled for Q1 2023.
The holders of Leancoin (LEAN) will be the beneficiaries during the launch of Project S. Leancoin (LEAN) will operate on the same blockchain as Project S, providing ample opportunities for collaboration.