▪️3.1-Business Model - UBB

The $LEAN Business Model is based on the UBB model (figure 2), which is focused on the continuous increase in the number of channels and methods of using cryptocurrencies (Utility), the redemption of tokens from the market from the revenues generated by business projects (Buybacks), and the continuous reduction of the number of tokens in circulation by sending purchased tokens to a smart contract that supports the burning process (Burning). The strategy for implementing the UBB model by $LEAN is presented below.

Utility - expanding the usability of $LEAN

In 2022 alone, it is possible to use $LEAN token on 10 platforms. Some of them are related to the Lean Community project, which is focused on spreading knowledge about management methods (FreeLIB, Skiller, Marketplace), and also on developing the business segment (Lean Global Consulting). $LEAN will be used on each of these platforms as, among others, a means of payment, a way to support projects and to reward users for their activity. Ultimately, $LEAN will strive to appear as a utility token on several hundred internet platforms.

Buybacks - systematic purchase of $LEAN from the market

The condition for establishing $LEAN partnerships with business projects is their subsequent involvement in the redemption of tokens from the market using some generated revenues that result from such cooperation. In 2022, such a partnership was established with a business organization - Lean Global Consulting (LGC), which provides consulting, IT and VR services for companies from the manufacturing industry. As part of the partnership, $LEAN will be used by LGC as a full-fledged means of payment for services. Moreover, a part of LGC's revenues will be allocated to buybacks. LGC will join the $LEAN Ecosystem together with Leancoin ($LEAN).

Burning - decreasing the total supply of $LEAN

All the $LEAN purchased through business projects that are supported by $LEAN, as well as all the $LEAN obtained from commission (e.g. on Lean Marketplace), will be transferred to the Burning Wallet, which, through the implemented configuration, executes $LEAN burning and reduces its amount in circulation supply. Therefore, there will be a reduction in the amount of $LEAN in circulation from the Total supply by at least 30%. When changing the blockchain, there will be a change in the $LEAN supply that was discussed: here. The burning ratio will be kept for Leancoin ($LEAN).

Autonomization of the UBB model by $LEAN

As part of the adopted long-term strategy, it was decided to undertake certain activities, the aim of which is the full autonomization of the UBB model, which in turn will lead to the independence and complete decentralization of the project. For this purpose, the issues of prolonging domains and services on which the entire ecosystem is based will be regulated on the basis of blockchain technology and smart contracts. Ultimately, the entire policy of implementing buybacks, as well as the burning of acquired $LEAN, will be implemented through smart contracts without human interference.

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