▪️2.3-Swap to new blockchain

The change of the blockchain will take place during the process of exchanging Lean Management Tokens (LEAN) for Leancoin (LEAN). In the new Leancoin tokenomics, there will be % of tokens available to Lean Management Token holders. The value of the exchanged tokens, expressed in USDT, will be the same thanks to the adopted exchange parity.

For example: if the exchange parity is set at 50, then 1 Lean Management Token will be exchanged for 50 Leancoin. Assuming that the market price of the Lean Management Token is $0.5, the Leancoin price will be reduced to $0.01 (divided by the exchange parity). Therefore, the value of 1 Lean Management Token will be the same as the value of 50 Leancoin on the day of exchanging the tokens.

According to the plan, Leancoin will have an increased supply due to an increase in the scope of the project, which will go beyond the activities described in the White Paper for 2021-2022, and which will be closely related to Lean Community and Lean Marketplace. New activities within Leancoin will concern consulting, IT services, AI, VR/AR, Ecology, NFT technology, or establishing strategic partnerships that will bring real benefits to Leancoin holders. Leancoin will support the UBB model by increasing the number of $LEAN Adopters, and by performing buybacks and burning tokens according to the adopted burning ratio.

An increased supply of Leancoin will mean an increased fully diluted market capitalization of the project, and this in turn will have a huge impact on increasing the chances for Leancoin to be listed on one of the top 5 world exchanges according to the CoinMarketCap/Coingecko ranking. The bigger supply will also enable a number of activities to be implemented for the $LEAN community, such as actions supporting Leancoin decentralization (learn more below). The increased supply will also give the opportunity to attract institutional investors, as well as new business partners.

Leancoin is a continuation of the Lean Management Token project and is meant to provide completely new development opportunities for the project.

Swap process - Lean Marketplace

The swapping of Lean Management Token to Leancoin will be carried out on a Lean Marketplace portal. The process of swapping tokens from one blockchain to another using a Lean Marketplace involves the following steps:

  1. The user sends the tokens they wish to swap (for example, 10 Lean Management Tokens of ETH) to a personal account on the Lean Marketplace.

  2. The sent tokens are credited to the Lean Marketplace account.

  3. The user withdraws tokens from Lean Marketplace to a dedicated wallet on the new blockchain and receives on the decentralized wallet 500 Leancoin in the case of the adopted exchange parity of 50.

The Leancoin holders, who will use the swap process on the Lean Marketplace, will be able to take part in a campaign that promotes decentralization.

Swap process – STC Wallet

Lean Management Token holders on the STC Wallet will have tokens exchanged for Leancoin directly in the STC Wallet according to the exchange parity. For example, if someone has 10 Lean Management Tokens on the STC Wallet on the day of the exchange, these tokens will be replaced with 500 Leancoin in the case of the adopted exchange parity of 50. The user will be able to withdraw Leancoin directly from the STC Wallet.

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