▪️6.1-Leancoin (LEAN) - utility token

Any project that becomes part of $LEAN Ecosystem should provide utility for $LEAN. Examples of current utility providers for $LEAN are:

  • Leancoin (LEAN) as a means of payment for services and products $LEAN is used as a means of payment for services and products. $LEAN is the only currency on Lean Marketplace. In addition, $LEAN, through a partnership with the MyCryptoCheckout operator, can be a means of payment in any portal that is built in WordPress. An example of using $LEAN on a portal other than Lean Marketplace is CryptoSense, where you can purchase merchandise collections for selected cryptocurrency projects using $LEAN.

  • Leancoin (LEAN) as part of the reward and discount program $LEAN Ecosystem partners offer discounts on their products or loyalty programs through Lean Marketplace. Discounts can be obtained by purchasing offers and making payments using $LEAN.

    In addition, each partner offering its reward and discount program has a guarantee that its store logo will be published on the Lean Community homepage. An example of the use of this utility is discounts on the e-TWI system offered by the 'Do Lean IT' company, which is a producer of an IT system for production and service companies. The e-TWI discount offer for members of the Lean Community is available on Lean Marketplace.

  • Leancoin (LEAN) as a means of support for projects, authors, and articles $LEAN can be a means of support for projects, authors, and articles that are part of the Lean Community. Donations using $LEAN can be made by transfers to a wallet that is controlled by Lean Community, as well as to private wallets of people who come up with such an initiative. An example of this application is the FreeLIB application, which is available on Google Play and the APP Store, where one of the forms of donation is the transfer of $LEAN to the Job Placement and Community Wallet that belongs to Lean Community. In the future, the implementation of contributions of individual authors and articles in the FreeLIB application (tip function) is considered.

  • Leancoin (LEAN) as a voice in $LEAN Ecosystem Currently, Lean Community organizes voting via the website. In the event of changing to a blockchain other than Ethereum, the construction of an application that enables voting using $LEAN will be considered. In such a situation, the number of held $LEAN would determine the weight of votes in the survey.

  • Leancoin (LEAN) as a means of payment for creating NFT tokens In accordance with the new strategy, which is focused on the use of NFT technology in business, the development of an application that will enable issuing certificates and confirming the authenticity of documents is being considered. The application will use $LEAN as a means of payment for the premium features provided within the application.

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