Articles of Association

The Articles of Association of the Company was adopted on 01.10.2021. The main terms of the Articles of Association of the Company are the following:

  1. The amount of the share capital of the company is 2.500,00 EUR.

  2. Upon increasing the share capital the shares of the private limited company shall be paid for in monetary contribution only.

  3. One euro of each share of the private limited company shall give one vote at the shareholders’ general meeting of the private limited company as well as in decision-making without convening the meeting;

  4. Upon transfer of a share of the company: the other shareholders have the right of pre-emption if the share is transferred to any third person;

  5. A share of the company may be pledged;

  6. Company may issue, for a conditional increase of the share capital, bonds by a resolution of the shareholders, the holders of which have the right to convert their bonds to shares (convertible bond);

  7. Each member of the management board has the right to represent the company in all legal acts unless a different entry is made in the commercial register. A corresponding resolution of the shareholders shall be adopted under the procedure prescribed for amending the articles of association;

  8. The company shall have no supervisory board;

  9. The financial year of the company is from 01.01 to 31.12.

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