The aim of the team is to build strategic partnerships, known as the $LEAN Alliance. In addition to supporting the $LEAN Ecosystem. This innovative approach to partnerships allows for sharing of ecosystems - Cross Ecosystems. These partnerships will make Leancoin (LEAN) a leading currency not only in the $LEAN Ecosystem but also in other ecosystems.
Strategic partnerships are unique and involve integrative actions between ecosystems, so the team will aim for a maximum of 1-2 strategic partnerships for the $LEAN Ecosystem yearly. This section will present new areas where Leancoin (LEAN) will serve as a utility token outside of the $LEAN Ecosystem.
At present, the $LEAN Ecosystem has established one strategic partnership with project Sallar. This project is developing:
  • A business application for mining Sallar tokens
  • An expanded Metaverse where NFTs and elements supporting token mining can be purchased
  • A biotechnological project related to preparing construction materials to reduce the CO2 footprint
  • A cloud computing solution
Leancoin ($LEAN) will serve as a main utility token alongside the Sallar token in the Sallar Ecosystem. Leancoin (LEAN) will enable the purchase of products in the Metaverse. The biotechnological project will be supported by the Leancoin (LEAN) arm related to Ecology, Green Consulting, run by Lean Global Consulting.
Project S is presented in $LEAN Alliance section.
The $LEAN Ecosystem is seeking further strategic partners ($LEAN Alliance) to join the Cross Ecosystem with $LEAN Ecosystem. The areas of new utility for Leancoin will be updated in this chapter.