▪️6.2-Lean Community - non profit organization

The social dimension of the $LEAN project is largely based on the Lean Community group, which has been operating as a non-profit organization since its establishment in 2021 and is responsible for recruiting people in managerial positions related to the industry. People acquired in this way join Lean Community in order to achieve the benefits of membership and to represent Lean Community in their organizations.

The benefits of membership in Lean Community especially include networking - by cooperating with numerous people in the industry, Lean Community plays the role of a well-informed intermediary on the labor market, which responds to the spontaneous needs of the associated community in fields such as employment change, negotiations, and coaching.

Another benefit of membership in the Lean Community is the possibility of both finding additional employment and providing consulting services on an occasional and paid basis - representing the Lean Community during workshops and training concerning topics related to management. Trainings and workshops in companies are conducted on behalf of Lean Global Consulting - an organization that is a commercial provider of b2b consulting services. The scope of Lean Global Consulting services mainly includes training and workshops conducted by LGC trainers, who are selected from people associated with the Lean Community structures.

Representatives of Lean Community are present in companies, corporations, and non-profit organizations. Many of them are looking for opportunities to introduce Lean Community to their organizations. Introducing Lean Community to subsequent organizations increases the scope of impact of $LEAN Ecosystem.

In 2023, Lean Community will make every effort to continue increasing its impact on companies and corporations by further recruiting Lean Community enthusiasts, and by offering the best standards of comprehensive consulting for the industry as part of Lean Global Consulting.

After the first year of operation of Lean Community, the network of members has over 1750 people, including 36 authors publishing as part of the FreeLIB virtual library, which is owned by Lean Community and which plays a role in educational and marketing activities.

Within the group of people who identify themselves with Lean Community, a team of about 20 elite trainers who can conduct workshops and training in Europe, South America and North America is of particular importance.

Such a dynamic development of the organization leads to increased expectations regarding the 2023/2024 target period. The Management Board of Lean Community sets the main goals to be achieved in the period 2023-2024 as follows:

  • expanding the Lean Community network to at least 5,000 members

  • expanding the team of authors within FreeLIB to at least 100 authors

  • continuation of the cooperation with companies and consortia where Lean Community and Lean Global Consulting already provide services

  • installation of Lean Global Consulting as a provider of consulting services for another global organization (at least two)

  • extension of the offer of services, while taking into account well-identified market needs, in particular, Green Consulting and Crisis Consulting

Additional goals that can be achieved - if the management board of Lean Community assesses them as beneficial to be introduced in the period 2023-2024:

  • transforming Lean Community into a foundation registered in the European Union

  • starting cooperation with government institutions in countries of the European Union

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