A word of introduction to Leancoin ($LEAN)

This White Paper summarizes the activities performed to date in the Lean Management Token (LEAN) project. The White Paper contains a number of changes, one of which is the more important change in implementing the Lean Management Token (LEAN) in the Leancoin (LEAN) project. The change of Lean Management Token (LEAN) is being absorbed by a much broader project, which is Leancoin (LEAN). Therefore, this change should not be considered as just a change of the token's name, but primarily as the incorporation of Lean Management Token into a larger project that will actively operate in the areas of NFT Technology, VR/AR, AI, Ecology, and Consulting (Strategic directions for 2023-2024), but also will operate in different ecosystems (Cross Ecosystems). The Lean Management Token brings to Leancoin its social dimension represented by the Lean Community (Strategic directions for 2021-2022).

Leancoin is a completely new project with a new visual identity and will be listed on a new blockchain. The swap of Lean Management Token to Leancoin will be performed in Q1, 2023. One of the goals for Leancoin is to be listed on the one of major exchanges.

The formal change of the token name will occur when the blockchain changes, which was described in White Paper: New blockchain. The chapter about the refreshed visual identification for $LEAN explains the reasons for choosing the new name. Swap - assumptions chapter explains how the swap process will look for exchanging Lean Management Token (LEAN) for Leancoin (LEAN).


In 2022, all announcements related to the goals set out in the first White Paper (target period 2021-2022) were fulfilled.

The updated document announces changes related to the most important elements of the project (tokenomics, business model, etc.), but above all, it reveals the new strategic goals that the $LEAN Ecosystem is facing in the target period 2023 - 2024.

The changes that will take place in the $LEAN Ecosystem in the target period 2023 - 2024 will be revolutionary.

The first category of changes will concern the Community Token

In the 2023-2024 target period, the Team is putting special emphasis on increasing the adoption of Leancoin in the business and private sectors. The desired result of this will be a significant rise in the number of Leancoin holders who are able to apply the token’s useful features related to the ecosystem. Regarding the set goals, the benefits that may result from the transition to a new blockchain, the rebranding of the token, and changes in tokenomics, are being recognized. The proposed changes will be discussed in detail in dedicated chapters of this document.

The second category of changes will concern the $LEAN Ecosystem

The $LEAN Ecosystem will align strategic activities in the 2023-2024 target period in order to lay the groundwork for expanding the $LEAN Ecosystem's reach to a new market related to NFT, VR/AR, and AI technologies. In addition to consulting and general IT services, Lean Community will strive to maximize participation in creating mass adoption of NFT technology in the industry.

Moreover, the $LEAN Ecosystem wants to turn towards ecology by providing consulting services related to this subject, and by actively participating in financing programs. In connection with setting new directions of activities, areas of cooperation involving international institutions are being defined.

This document, in individual chapters, also contains information covering the assumptions of cooperation and the division of new, previously unannounced partners into the category of $LEAN Adopters (participants of the $LEAN payment system) and $LEAN Alliance (establishing a strategic, deep business partnership with the $LEAN Ecosystem).

$LEAN Ecosystem in the target period 2023-2024 will increase the share of business partners and synergize non-profit and business activities in order to achieve the best results in reaching new recipients. Additionally, $LEAN Ecosystem will join different ecosystems as a part of the Cross Ecosystems strategy.

This document will provide the most important information related to the directions of project development in the 2023-2024 target period.

Link to the platforms from the $LEAN Ecosystem: here

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