▪️5.4-Software House

An important element that influences the dynamics of the development of $LEAN Ecosystem are programmers that are part of the software house, which was formed at the very beginning of the project. Programmers create software for the needs of the Lean Community and provide external IT services.

In 2023-2024, the IT team will consist of about 20 developers who will focus in particular on NFT for business, and virtual reality (VR). In addition, the IT team will use artificial intelligence for the first time in an NFT-related application.

The competencies of programmers in the software house include:

  • Frontend: Progressive web apps, Responsive design, Javascript, ReactJS, NextJS, VueJS, Web3 integration

  • Backend and databases: Microservices, Rust, Java, Python, Prototyping databases, NodeJS, SQL or non-SQL databases, Redis

  • Cloud: AWS Amplify, AWS Cloudformation, AWS S3, AWS EC2, AWS Cloudfront, Azure

  • Work management: Jira, Confluence, ClickUp, OpenProject, Git, GitHub, Gitlab, Agile, Scrum-based workflow

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