▪️2.4-Decentralization campaign

Actions supporting Leancoin (LEAN) decentralization

The swap process on the Lean Marketplace will be carried out together with a marketing campaign that aims to encourage Lean Management Token holders to efficiently exchange their tokens for Leancoin, as well as to store their Leancoin on the new blockchain on decentralized wallets. For this purpose, a loyalty program will be created that will allow Leancoin holders to increase their Leancoin package by 50%. Receiving the 50% additional package will take place when the following conditions are met:

  • Performing a swap on the Lean Marketplace that supports the exchange of Lean Management Tokens for Leancoin within 1 month from the launch of the exchange option,

  • A lack of OUT transactions on the Leancoin wallet within 1 year from the moment of crediting the wallet with tokens from the swap.

If these conditions are met, after a period of 12 months, the given wallet (which has met the conditions) will be credited with an amount of Leancoin worth 50% of the tokens that were exchanged through the protocol.

In addition, each person who becomes a beneficiary of the loyalty program, apart from the 50% Leancoin package, will also receive:

  • Airdrop of the community token on a new blockchain for $LEAN,

  • Fuel drop in the global S project, which is a partner of the $LEAN Alliance. Project S is scheduled to be launched in 2023.

For example, a person has 10 Lean Management Tokens, which are exchanged for 500 Leancoin (the exchange parity in this example is: 50) in the first 30 days after the launch of the exchange protocol on the Lean Marketplace. This person has not made any OUT transaction within 1 year of booking Leancoin on his wallet on the new blockchain, although he/she did have several IN transactions worth 200 Leancoin. One year after exchanging Lean Management Token for Leancoin, there are 700 Leancoin in this person's wallet, and there were no OUT transactions at that time. This person receives a transfer of 250 Leancoin (50% of the value of the swapped tokens via the Lean Marketplace, i.e. 500 Leancoin). The same payment would also be received in the case of the absence of any additional inflows to this address (apart from the inflow from the exchange of Lean Management Tokens for Leancoin). In addition, this person receives an airdrop of the blockchain social token to his/her address, on which $LEAN is listed, as well as a Fuel Drop to the account assigned to his/her wallet in the S project.

The aim of the action supporting decentralization is:

  • to increase interest in the token exchange option for people who are not currently holders of the Lean Management Token so they are able to purchase Lean Management Token and exchange it in order to be the beneficiary of the action supporting decentralization,

  • to reduce the supply on centralized exchanges after swapping Lean Management Token for Leancoin,

  • to maintain a higher capitalization in order to increase the chances of Leancoin being listed on the Top 5 exchanges,

  • to increase the number of holders, and to encourage people who hold Lean Management Token in centralized wallets to store their Leancoin in decentralized wallets.

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