The governments of most countries and international organizations support activities towards ecology. Support in the form of financial grants and legislative facilitations is planned for companies and non-profit organizations that contribute to the creation of innovations related to environmental protection.

In the period 2023-2024, Lean Community (LC) and Lean Global Consulting (LGC) will be particularly involved in activities related to ecology. The first stage of activities in this direction will be the formulation of the content of training programs, which will be combined with the Green Consulting service. This service will be part of the segment of business services provided by Lean Global Consulting. Consulting offered by LGC - Green will focus on creating effects in the form of lower energy consumption in production processes, reducing waste in factories, and coordinating changes in the field of building a circular economy in companies. Within Green Consulting, LGC conducted pilot training and coaching in a factory from the automotive industry. The result of working with the client was the obtaining of significant savings (around EUR 0.5 million) and the improvement of the organizational culture. Based on the experience from the successful pilot training, Lean Community will develop a comprehensive and attractive Green Consulting program for companies, which will be highlighted in the business services segment on websites related to the $LEAN Ecosystem.

Lean Community and Lean Global Consulting, due to their involvement in topics related to ecology, will thoroughly explore the possibilities of participating in national and EU programs in Europe, including obtaining grants for the development of services and products in the innovation/environmental protection/ecology category.

In the target period of 2023 - 2024, Lean Global Consulting will perform an order related to the production of a technological line for a client who produces building materials based on biocomponents. The client will also establish a permanent partnership with the organization by investing in $LEAN. This will be an important event for $LEAN Ecosystem.

To enable greater adoption of the ecosystem, the team is reviewing strategic options for replacing the current blockchain.

The potential new blockchain should have a minimal carbon footprint and low-cost transactions, which would in turn allow for more ambitious projects. This approach also expresses the positions of the Lean Community and manifests openness to cooperation with global partners by showing similar concern for the well-being of man and the planet.

Lean Community will provide further information about the progress and proposals for changing the blockchain through the existing communication channels.

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