$LEAN Ecosystem is the main hub of the $LEAN utility. All platforms supporting $LEAN Ecosystem should provide a utility space for $LEAN. $LEAN Ecosystem is based on:
  • non-profit projects related to building networking, establishing partnerships, participation in international projects, disseminating education in the field of eliminating waste, and promoting ecology;
  • business projects related to generating revenue from consulting services, IT, sales of VR software, subscription of services offered in $LEAN Ecosystem, services in the area of creating business procedures, etc.
Non-profit activities are run by Lean Community, whereas business activities are conducted by Lean Global Consulting. $LEAN Ecosystem is presented in Figure 3.
Figure 3. Three areas - $LEAN token as a means of payment, $LEAN Ecosystem in the non-profit area and business area
This chapter presents the 3 main areas that makeup $LEAN Ecosystem.