▪️5.6-Strategical partnerships

The goal for 2023-2024 will be to establish at least two strategic partnerships that may result in a greater reach of $LEAN Ecosystem.

From potential partners, Lean Community distinguishes:

  • Companies: all commercial organizations interested in services that are offered by Lean Global Consulting, Software House, etc., and also companies that provide services that can benefit Lean Community members

  • Governmental and international organizations, and also consortia operating in programs with funding: governments, companies, the European Union, and all the organizations with which Lean Community can work as a partner in projects with funding

  • Blockchain-related foundations: organizations managing blockchains, which are considered by Lean Community as the target suppliers of the system for token operations

And especially $LEAN Adopters: all organizations willing to adopt $LEAN as a payment currency for their services.

The Lean Community will inform about progress in this area through the existing communication channels.

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