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$LEAN tokenomics is closely related to the business model of the project. The tokenomics will be changed from the current one for Lean Management Token to the new one for Leancoin.
A token can be a source of value when its ecosystem makes it useful. The ecosystem should be profitable and generate revenue, part of which would be worth channeling to meet such assumptions of the business model as, for example, regular buyback operations. Lean Community allows for the purchase of $LEAN from either the market or from individual holders, but only in the case of the redemption of funds from the income obtained from the activities of $LEAN Ecosystem. All tokens purchased through buybacks are burnt (Burning events). The goal, set at the beginning of the project, is to make the $LEAN tokenomics deflationary by eliminating tokens from circulation.
The UBB (Utility - Buybacks - Burning) model is a proprietary approach to managing the tokenized ecosystem and the token representing it.
Originally, $LEAN was meant to be a means of payment within the Lean Marketplace. Currently, Lean Community aspires to make Leancoin ($LEAN) a means of payment that will be used in many services. There are revenue-generating parts in $LEAN Ecosystem. This enables the monthly buybacks model to be implemented. As a result of the implementation of buybacks, the $LEAN token-burning process is accelerated. As of January 5, 2023, $LEAN worth more than $6,000, was collected from the market and transferred to the Burning Wallet - a special wallet that burns 5% of the wallet every month.
This wallet is fed monthly with transfers of $LEAN from Buybacks. Small inflows to this portfolio are subsidies or profits generated within Lean Marketplace. In 2023, the $LEAN burning process will be automated. As of January 30, 2023, 18% of the initial Total supply had been burned. The goal is to achieve supply reduction by at least 30%. This can only happen by increasing the adoption of $LEAN, as well as by regular Buybacks implemented from the revenue generated by the ecosystem. The register of the burning process conducted by Lean Community is available at: here.
After changing the blockchain for $LEAN, the % of reduced Total Supply will be mirrored from Lean Management Token 1 to 1 - it means that 18% of the initial supply will be burned. More details can be found in tokenomics of Leancoin.
The burning process will be continued when a new blockchain for $LEAN will be established.