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1-SUMMARY OF 2021-2022

Lean Management Token (LEAN) is an ERC-20 token, in the amount of $LEAN 3,000,000 (Total Supply), was created in the Ethereum blockchain in October 2021. Also in October 2021, the public offering was completed, which concerned $LEAN 150,000 tokens (5% of the Total Supply). USDT 120,000 was collected within the public offering. The $LEAN token public offering took the form of a single round and lasted for less than 3 minutes - 150,000 $LEAN tokens were sold through the organizer of the offer - the Student Coin organization.
In October 2021, the first White Paper of the Lean Management Token (LEAN) project was published for the target period 2021-2022. The document described the goals related to the management of the budget that was obtained as part of the public offering. The previous White Paper also presented the first development strategy of the $LEAN project for the years 2021-2022.
Link to the October 2021 version of the White Paper: here
According to the first White Paper published in 2021, $LEAN was meant to be associated with the supporting activities related to the Lean Management philosophy (White Paper: Chapter #1 and Chapter #2). The main assumption of the White Paper 2021 - 2022 was to build a platform for Lean Management practitioners, which was created in the form of a Lean Community organization (White Paper: Chapter #3). According to the White Paper, Lean Community is a place where Lean Practitioners will be able to exchange knowledge, practice, and experience in the implementation of continuous improvement methods. The Lean Community platform was published in 2021 at: here.
An important element of the Lean Community platform is the FreeLIB library, which was developed by the IT team: here and in which, as of January 1, 2023, 116 publications from 36 authors have been made available. FreeLIB meets the goal set in the first WhitePaper 2021 - 2022 for Lean Management Token (LEAN), and this goal is related to spreading knowledge about lean management methods. FreeLIB was also released as a mobile application available in Google Play: here and in APP Store: here.
As part of the additional initiatives, in July 2022, the Lean Global Consulting organization was established: here. The original goal of this initiative was to create a space within Lean Community to offer services in the field of Lean Management training and consulting. Lean Global Consulting was not a part of the Lean Management Token (LEAN) Ecosystem. The possibility of conducting consulting on behalf of Lean Global Consulting was warmly received by Lean Community, which was sealed by the establishment of the first social tokenized consulting agency in the world. In the strategy of $LEAN Ecosystem for the target period 2023 - 2024, Lean Global Consulting becomes the main element of the business part of $LEAN Ecosystem.
As part of the Lean Community initiative, platforms bringing together Lean Management practitioners have already been launched. One of them is a closed group for managers within the LinkedIn application. This group currently has over 1,750 members and is available here.
According to the WhitePaper for the 2021-2022 target period, Lean Community was meant to define the social character of the project, whereas the technological platform that enables the achievement of this goal was meant to be Lean Marketplace - a platform based on $LEAN, which is used to openly offer services and products (White Paper: Chapter #4).
Lean Marketplace was commissioned for use in 2022 and is located at: here. An overview video showing how Lean Marketplace works can be viewed below:
As of January 1, 2023, Lean Marketplace presents over 170 offers, including Lean Management training, NFT tokens, educational services, digital products, promotional codes for B2B services, etc.
All the products on the Lean Marketplace platform are listed by Vendors, who specify prices in US dollars. Based on this value, the platform evaluates offers in $LEAN, which in turn is related to the current exchange valuation of the token. The purchase of services and products takes place only with the use of $LEAN.
Users of $LEAN have the option to purchase it through Lean Marketplace and can also top up the balance of their personal Lean Marketplace buyer/seller account by direct transfer of $LEAN in the blockchain.
According to the WhitePaper 2021 - 2022, $LEAN has become the main currency in payments for services and products that are offered as part of Lean Marketplace. Currently, activities are being undertaken to promote Lean Marketplace among people who are interested in personal development. In addition, efforts are being made to support companies that offer digitized services and products for the adoption of the token for payment.
Chapter #5 of the WhitePaper 2021 - 2022 describes the Development Plan for $LEAN in the period of Q4, 2021 - Q4, 2022. All the activities described in the Development Plan were implemented. $LEAN is available on centralized exchanges, which are ranked in the Top 50 exchanges by the CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko platforms.
The Lean Community and Lean Marketplace platforms were commissioned for use at the scheduled time. In addition, the FreeLIB mobile application was published, the Lean Global Consulting agency was launched, and a website dedicated to $LEAN was prepared: changed to in January 2023.
Certified Lean Management training courses and loyalty programs that are offered by companies from the manufacturing industry have appeared on Lean Marketplace. Partnerships have been made, such as a partnership with the LeanVlog channel, which has a base of 35,000 subscribers. According to the partnership agreement, the LeanVlog channel develops 1 video per month for Lean Community on topics related to management. Each of the films prepared by LeanVlog is created in cooperation with Lean Community. In 2022, videos published by LeanVlog, Lean Community, and $LEAN received over 32,000 views on YouTube.
Chapter #6 of the WhitePaper 2021 - 2022 described the $LEAN specification. Chapter 6 indicated that $LEAN may be transferred to another blockchain in the future, which is also taken into account in the WhitePaper 2023 – 2024, and which may be an opportunity for $LEAN.
Chapter #7 of the WhitePaper 2021 - 2022 presented the Distribution Plan. All the tasks described in the plan were completed. In 2021, $LEAN 150,000 (5% of the Total Supply) was distributed through Airdrop. The tokens were held by over 60,000 users of the Student Coin platform. Another $LEAN 150,000 tokens were sold to over 220 buyers in a public offering. In 2022, the second Airdrop was conducted, which was aimed at practitioners of Continuous Improvement. The airdrop amount was $LEAN 90,000 (3% of the Total Supply). The Job Placement and Community Wallet, initially containing $LEAN 1,500,000 (50% of the Total Supply) provided a salary base according to a fixed formula, as described in Chapter #8 of the 2021-2022 WhitePaper. The same wallet also handled regular burning events according to the plan, as described in Chapter #9 of the 2021-2022 WhitePaper. All $LEAN burn transactions are reported monthly on the website: here. As of January 30, 2023, $LEAN 540,000 has been burned, which is 18.00% of the Total Supply. At the time of the Leancoin blockchain switch from ETH to the new one, the % of burned tokens relative to the total supply will be mirrored from 1 to 1.
As part of additional activities not described in the White Paper 2021-2022, the Lean Community team implemented the Buybacks program based on the revenue generated by $LEAN Ecosystem projects. In January 2022, monthly reporting of business activities carried out by the business $LEAN Ecosystem segment began: here. As of January 5, 2023, over $LEAN 10,000 has been bought back from partner exchanges for $6,000.
In December 2022, LeanCommunity decided to change the distribution of tokens from the Job Placement and Community Wallet, and also to create a special dedicated Burning Wallet. According to the new rules, 5% of tokens in the Burning Wallet will be burned each month. The Burning Wallet will be supplied by Buybacks, Marketplace fees, and Lean Community revenue. The same burn model will be mirrored on Leancoin after the blockchain switch.
Chapter #10 of Whitepaper 2021 - 2022 described how to distribute funds obtained in a public offering (ICO). According to WhitePaper 2021 – 2022:
  • 30% of the funds were meant to be spent on creating content for Lean Community. These funds were used to finance the development of the FreeLIB mobile application, where over 110 articles by over 35 authors were published. Funds were also spent in connection with partnerships, such as the partnership with the author of LeanVlog, who as of January 1, 2023, has produced nearly 15 professional videos that have received over 32,000 views on YouTube.
  • 30% of the funds were meant to be allocated to building the Lean Community and Lean Marketplace platforms. Both platforms were commissioned for use in 2022.
  • 40% of the funds were meant to be allocated to marketing and content marketing. These funds were used to prepare promotional kits (T-shirts, caps, etc.) for $LEAN Brand Ambassadors, and for the promotion of $LEAN on various social media platforms. They were also used for marketing and $LEAN listing fees on new exchanges. Within these funds, the CryptoSense platform was also developed, which as of December 31, 2022, is in the testing phase. The platform will offer a collection of Merchandise for $LEAN. The launch of the platform is scheduled for 2023.
Chapter #11 of the WhitePaper 2021 – 2022 presented the founding team of $LEAN Ecosystem. The current $LEAN Core Team is featured in this WhitePaper in the section dedicated to the team’s structure. There are currently over 70 people working with $LEAN Ecosystem: core team, authors of FreeLIB, IT Developers, VR Developers, Graphics, etc.
Chapter #12 of the WhitePaper 2021 - 2022 introduces the $LEAN Ecosystem’s partners. The group of partners has now been expanded to over 15 organizations, which are included in this WhitePaper: here. The list of partners will be updated on a regular basis at here.
As of January 1, 2023, the social accounts of people related to $LEAN Ecosystem have over 3,700 followers on Twitter, 2,000 followers on LinkedIn and over 1,400 members on Telegram. Lean Community has separate Social Media channels.