▪️2.1-Visual identity

One of the elements of the new strategy for $LEAN Ecosystem is the renewal of the brand associated with the token’s ecosystem.

Change of the name of $LEAN

The main change is related to the new name. Lean Management Token (LEAN) is implemented into Leancoin (LEAN). Leancoin (LEAN) is a much wider project than Lean Management Token (LEAN) so this change shouldn`t be treated as only the change of the name. There are 4 reasons which led the team to this change:

  1. Rebranding: A new name will better align with the project's updated mission or goals, and better reflect its current status and future plans.

  2. Creating a stronger brand identity: A unique and memorable name will help the $LEAN stand out in a crowded market and make it more easily recognizable to potential investors and users.

  3. Improving marketing and advertising efforts: A new name will make it easier to create a cohesive brand message and marketing strategy, and can also provide a new angle for promoting the project.

  4. Increasing appeal to a wider audience: A new name will better appeal to a different demographic or target market, thereby increasing the potential user base and adoption rate.

There were a few reasons for us to replace in the name of $LEAN the word "token" with the word "coin":

  1. Coin is a more established term: The term "coin" has been used for decades to refer to physical currency, and it is a more widely recognized and understood term than "token."

  2. Coin implies a sense of value: A coin implies a sense of value and permanence, which can instill more confidence in investors and users.

  3. Coin is less technical: The term "token" is often associated with technical jargon and may be less accessible to a general audience.

  4. Coin is more aligned with the overall vision of digital currencies: Many projects aim to replace FIAT currencies and be used as a means of payment, name coin align more to this vision than token.

The team will make an effort to change the name of Lean Management Token (LEAN) to Leancoin (LEAN) on all platforms, such as social media, exchanges, and price portals, in Q1 2023. Additionally, during this time, a planned blockchain change for $LEAN will also take place, where the name Leancoin (LEAN) will be incorporated into the new blockchain.

Change of the logo of $LEAN

$LEAN is intended to represent activities related to the reduction of waste. The updated brand will translate into easier memorization of the visual identification of the token and its ecosystem. Figure 1 shows the new Leancoin (LEAN) logo. The refreshed visual identity will be implemented along with other activities described in this chapter.

There are a few reasons why we use a hexagon shape for the Leancoin (LEAN) logo:

  1. Unique and memorable: A hexagon shape is less common than a circle in logos, so it can help the logo to stand out and be more easily remembered.

  2. Multi-faceted and dynamic: A hexagon has six sides and can be used to create a variety of designs. It can also convey a sense of movement and change, which can be appropriate for a dynamic and innovative brand.

  3. Versatile: A hexagon shape can be used in a variety of ways, such as creating a pattern or incorporating other shapes within it.

  4. Professional looking: A hexagon shape is often associated with precision and precision-based industries, such as technology and engineering.

The logo change will be made in conjunction with the name change on all important platforms for the project.

Change of the website address of $LEAN

In conjunction with the visual identity change, there will also be a change in the domain address for $LEAN. The previous address, www.leantoken.io, was intended for the Lean Management Token (LEAN). The new website for Leancoin (LEAN) can be found at www.leancoin.io. Traffic from the leantoken.io website will be redirected to the leancoin.io website. The new website will be built in accordance with the new visual identity.

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