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Lean Management Token (LEAN) runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Lean Management Token will be implemented into the Leancoin (LEAN) which will run on a new blockchain. Current information about $LEAN can be obtained on the following platforms:
A new visual identity of Leancoin (LEAN) is presented in a section with a new visual identity. The change includes a new: name, logo, website address, and guiding colors.
Taking into account the current parameters of the Ethereum blockchain, in which $LEAN exists, a change of the blockchain for $LEAN will be performed. The criteria that are suitable for a new blockchain are included in a section with strategic options related to the choice of a new blockchain.
During the blockchain change, there will be an official name change of $LEAN from Lean Management Token (LEAN) to Leancoin (LEAN).
Before the blockchain is changed, the issue of the swap and total supply of $LEAN will be discussed, which is included in a section about the swap assumptions of this WhitePaper. The decision concerning the changes in the total supply for $LEAN will be made in Q1, 2023.
Tasks to be performed will be defined in order to enable cooperation between $LEAN and one of the exchanges that are listed in the top 5 rankings according to CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko (according to the database as of January 1, 2023). More details are in a section about listing on major exchanges.
The $LEAN White Paper can be translated into various languages such as Spanish and Turkish. The decision to translate the $LEAN White Paper will be made by the community through a vote on Telegram. The $LEAN team is ready to translate the White Paper into any language that the community is interested in.