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Networking activities, as a part of the Lean Management Token project, led us to provide consulting services and IT services directly to contracted business partners. These activities are now a part of Leancoin's strategy. Part of the funds from the revenue generated by the sales of consulting services and IT services are transferred for the purpose of Buybacks of Leancoin. All the $LEAN purchased in this way were transferred for burning in accordance with the Burning Wallet rules. As a result of the burn, the maximum supply for $LEAN is being reduced on a monthly base.
The Lean Global Consulting team is responsible for activities related to offering consulting and IT services. Lean Global Consulting - the first tokenized and social consulting agency - was launched in 2022 and was not included in the White Paper for Lean Management Token. In the new strategy, Lean Global Consulting has become the core element of $LEAN Ecosystem, and the main revenue generator for the implementation of the Buyback program for $LEAN.
As of January 1, 2023, the revenue generated by Lean Global Consulting's activities in the field of software production, offered IT services, publishing activities and other business services amounted to over $60,000. The monthly results of Lean Global Consulting can be tracked on the website: here.
Revenue for 2023-2024 from services available in all of $LEAN Ecosystem is projected to be more than $800,000. This revenue will come from the offered IT, VR/AR and Consulting services. The revenue will depend on the market situation and good conditions, which are conducive to the implementation of the objectives that are set for the presented period.
Besides the aspects of $LEAN Ecosystem that are related to management, the team has decided to set new strategic directions.
Addiotanly, we see Leancoin as an asset that supports activities that are related to the reduction of waste. These activities can concern management, as well as lifestyle or the environment. The direction of future activities like Ecology and NFT Technology makes Leancoin much more widely used.