Building a network of contacts is crucial in acquiring business customers. Networking is also an opportunity for community members to change jobs or to gain new business opportunities, which are based on developed contacts. In 2021 and 2022 alone, Lean Community (LC) supported community members in finding new jobs. This was possible thanks to the wide base of contacts that LC has, as well as the transparency and trust between LC members. Networking is an important part of LC activities. As of January 1, 2023, there are over 1,750 management practitioners in the LC group on LinkedIn. In addition, there is a closed group of several dozen people on the Discord platform, who, apart from networking, are also interested in consulting and new business challenges. Access to this group is only on the recommendation of its members.

Currently, the LC team is working on completing the Skiller Network platform, which should be commissioned for use in 2023. This platform will enable the building of personalized profiles for LC members, which will be their showcase for potential consulting activities. LC is considering implementing NFT technology to the Skiller Network as a way to confirm the authenticity of certificates acquired by users. Thanks to this, Skiller Network can be the first platform in the world that, in addition to creating business profiles, creates opportunities to confirm the authenticity of certificates and diplomas through NFT and AI technology.

Another element of $LEAN Ecosystem that supports Networking is the FreeLIB application. Each FreeLIB author has a personalized author page with a list of all publications. Ultimately, this list will be connected to the Skiller Network platform.

Networking is a key element of $LEAN Ecosystem because it translates into increased community activity, and also builds the foundations for the business services offered by Lean Global Consulting.

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