▪️5.3-NFT Technology

NFT technology is used to create collectible tokens. The first products and services tokenized in this way are also appearing on the market, which can be interpreted as a sign of the beginning of the adoption of NFT technology in business. However, there are no legal regulations that would associate NFT tokens with property rights. This way of using NFT can be considered debatable and premature. When deciding to tokenize, companies are trying to find their place in the growing market of digital resources. Lean Community also intends to use the potential of NFT technology in business.

In 2023-2024, Lean Community plans to start work on an application that will be used to produce training certificates in the form of NFT and other formats. The application will allow for the generation of certificates, as well as the authentication of documents, which will be done with the use of artificial intelligence.

Lean Community wants to be part of the service sector that focuses in particular on tokenization and the verification of documents by creating applications.

The application will be available to companies and individuals for free. The use of more extensive application functions will cost money.

To enable greater adoption of the ecosystem, and also this application - Lean Community is reviewing strategic options related to changing the current blockchain.

Lean Community will inform about progress and proposals in this area through the existing communication channels.

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