Consulting is associated withthe offering of consulting services for production and service companies, and also for international organizations. In 2022, Lean Global Consulting (LGC) provided consulting services to companies located in the European Union and the United Kingdom. These services were related to Lean Management and allowed revenue of over $12,000 to be generated. For the years 2023-2024, we assume the multiplication of this income by using the existing strategic partnerships and by increasing the network of LGC trainers.

A significant part of the generated funds will be allocated to the implementation of the $LEAN Buybacks program. Purchased $LEAN will be sent to the Burning Wallet and burned according to the schedule. The LGC and Lean Community (LC) cooperation model is unique because it assumes cooperation just with Trainers who work in the industry on a daily basis, but who are also part of the created Lean Community.

Most consulting companies operate on the basis of two models:

  • Hiring trainers - in this model, trainers are employed by a consulting company and work exclusively with that company. The advantage of this approach is that there is a development plan for each trainer, who is an exclusive employee of a given consulting company. In our opinion, this model is associated with the risk that a given trainer, after several years of activity in consulting, becomes a "professional trainer", and thus loses contact with real problems in the industry. He ceases to be a practitioner.

  • Cooperation with trainers - in this model, trainers are hired by consulting companies as freelancers. The advantage of this model is that trainers often combine their work in consulting with work in the industry. The problem, however, is that in this approach there is no process of developing trainers, which is due to the fact that they work for a consulting company solely on a task basis. These trainers often have limited areas in which they can support industry companies.

The LGC and LC model assumes that trainers work in the industry on a daily basis as practitioners and, within their available time, carry out assignments for LGC. In addition, LGC trainers are developed through the LC team, which offers them free courses and workshops. LGC trainers are in daily contact with each other on LC portals and support each other. LGC trainers can develop their network of contacts and their reach thanks to the applications and platforms that are available in Lean Ecosystem: FreeLIB, Skiller Network, Managers Group, etc. This model ensures that LGC will only include practitioners who are developed by the LC team. It is a unique model that combines the business aspect (LGC) and the non-profit aspect (LC).

The experience of the Lean Community team from 2021-2022 shows that such a model is positively received by the industry. We believe that developing business in this way will translate into increased revenue from consulting services.

Lean Global Consulting will inform you about progress in this area through the existing communication channels.

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